It is true… we are moving!

But not quite yet.  Black Coffee Roasting Company has experienced growth enough that we finally have outgrown our great little shop space at the corner of Wyoming and Russell Street, so we are currently in the process of building out our new shop that we will be moving into sometime late this summer.  We are super excited about the building we are moving into at 525 E. Spruce Street.

 A 1940’s era quonset hut, this building is perfectly suited for our wholesale and retail business, and we are excited to invite you in to join us for coffee as soon as we finish.  We were recently written up in SPRUDGE, one of the premiere online coffee news outlets.  Here is a link to the article that tells a little more about what we are doing with the new space.  So we are working on renovations, getting ready to move all our equipment, and hope to invite you in for coffee sometime in late August or early September.

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