Because it is important for the people producing the coffee, the landscape the coffee is grown in, and the people drinking it. The simple story is that the chemicals are bad for people and the environment, and great coffee exists without them. We love organic coffee, and support those growing great coffee with these traditional methods.


This means we pay attention to every detail at every step of our relationship with the coffee we source. Ethically produced coffees, traded at fair pricing, each individually roasted to highlight the characteristics unique to each coffee. No shortcuts. Our coffees come from around the globe; different soils, climate, elevations, species and exposures. They taste different. Terroir makes them different. We roast to highlight those differences and bring out what makes each coffee great.


From our roaster to our packaging, we seek to minimize our environmental footprint. Great coffee is consumed quickly once it reaches you and it should not have a lingering footprint on the earth. Our Loring roaster is the most efficient roaster available on the planet. We package all our coffee in recycled and biodegradable bags, because something that holds a temporary product like coffee should disappear almost as quickly as the product it is holding. The earth doesn’t need more plastic. We also encourage our local customers to reuse bags or fill their own containers, offering discounts when they bring their own.


We seek out the best coffees we can find and we hope you enjoy every sip. We put positive energy into what we do and we hope you can find a bit of inspiration for the things you love in every cup you drink. Coffee is personal. It is communal. It fires up our brains and has magic. We hope when it reaches your cup it can inspire your whole day.