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There have been a lot of people asking lately about getting coffee from us… And we do ship, everywhere in the US, including Alaska and Hawaii. Over the years we have done our best to simplify our website and make it as intuitive as possible. In the coming months, we are working on refining the selection process even further to help select the coffees that fit your taste.

In terms of roasting, we have a wide selection available. The reasons are two-fold. First, there are a lot of great coffees out there, and we love to try, play with, and sell them. Secondly, we have never seek to cater to just one style of coffee. While we tend to lean towards a medium roasting style, this type of roast we give a coffee is completely dependant on each individual coffee. Each coffee we bring in we put through a series of experiments, pursuing a roast that we think highlights that particular coffee best. And while we each have personal preferences on which coffee we think may fit espresso or French press, or an Aero-press best, we do not roast any coffee with a specific method exclusively in mind. When we are experimenting with coffees, we are trying them in all forms. The goal is to make each coffee as delicious as possible for that particular bean, rather than just pushing it towards a specific extraction method. We love coffees across a wide spectrum, and love to see what all the beautiful variations are from around the world. Coffee characteristics vary as widely as the places they come from and the people that process them.

That said, we realize a lot of people are just looking for a “light” or a “dark” coffee. And we get it. Light, Medium, and Dark are words that have been at the center of the coffee conversation for years. We also think in those terms, but with less regards to roast, and more regards to the bean characteristic. In roasting to highlight the best of each bean, we find that some coffees have naturally darker characteristics, while others lend to brighter, lighter characteristics. Some of that has to do with the roast, some of it is inherent to the beans. We try to put this in the descriptions of the coffee to help as a guide.

So check out our coffee selection online, and order a bag. If you have any questions you can feel free anytime to email us and we love a good coffee conversation and are happy to help you select what we think will fit your tastes. Because that is the goal. To introduce you to the world of coffee as we see it and help you find a cup that makes you super happy every day. And if along the way you find that you don’t want to be without our coffees, we’ve made subscriptions really easy to sign up for. You pick the coffee (or let us pick it under “roaster’s choice”), the amount, and the frequency you want to receive it. And without another thought, we’ll ship you freshly roasted, delicious, 100% organic coffee right to your mailbox. We ship USPS priority, so your coffee arrives fast.

Coffee is a personal ritual. Every day for most of us. It is the way we take off in the morning, and can often set the tone of the whole day. A good cup of coffee can be a highlight of every day, and we’d love to be part of yours.

First Friday March, Highlighting ShopLine

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Join us for First Friday, in downtown Missoula at our shop to enjoy a free tasting, featuring our ShopLine coffees. For our ShopLine label we bring in small quantities of unique organic coffees that exhibit characteristics worthy of highlighting. We generally carry ShopLine coffees only a month or two before rotating to new ones, and they are available only in our shop or our online store. Tasting is open to the public from 4:30-5:30 pm, Friday, March 1.

Its fairly simple; organic coffee for a reason.

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Our reason for being a supplier of 100% organic coffees is not complex. It is not just for the drinks you will consume. But also for the people producing the coffees you will consume. Coffee, like tobacco and cotton, when grown non-organically is heavily doused with synthetic, cancer causing chemicals, so much so that not only are the producers exposed directly, but complete water systems are contaminated… but still consumed. We do it for you, but also for the communities that are growing our crops…

100% organic coffees, grown by friends, roasted and shipped fresh to your doorstep. Organic Matters.






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Brazil is the largest producer of coffees globally. And while they are known for a large quantity of good quality coffees, in the specialty coffee arena they generally are approached as key components to blends rather than coffees that are highlighted on their own. We have had the good fortune of tracking down some fantastic crops from Brazil the last several years that can stand alone exceptionally. Our current Brazil crop is one of these coffees and worth noting.

This is the first biodynamically farmed crop we have had from Brazil. The coffee comes from Fazenda Floresta, in the state of Bahia where it is grown on a family-owned estate near the Chapada Diamantina National Park in rich, clay soils between 1050-1200 masl. Biodynamic cultivation is a holistic approach to farming that implements organic growing methods but goes even further managing the farm as an interconnected organism, using a diverse cover-crop and inputs from the surrounding ecosystem and farm, approaching farming as a system within the natural ecological rhythms through the year.

The coffee is processed pulp natural, meaning the fruit is allowed to ferment on the seed before it is sundried and removed. This brings out the natural sugars in the coffee and lends it towards a sweet strawberry flavor. The coffee is rich with complex fruit flavor with the nice sweetness of milk chocolate and a strawberry acidity.

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