Covid-19, Coffee & Community

We are part of a global community and are trying to do our part…

In light of the current outbreak of coronavirus we are taking proactive measures to keep our employees and community safe. While we already have extensive cleaning protocols in place we are increasing these to include hourly sanitizing of doors, chairs, tables, and all things that get touched. If you are suffering from a fever and/or respiratory illness we kindly ask that you do not come in.  Per CDC recommendations we are monitoring travel and health of our employees. 

For the immediate future we have implemented $2 per 12 oz. bag shipping and FREE SHIPPING on all 2# and 5# bags, anywhere in the US. This includes people in Missoula, so if you are wanting to reduce public exposure we are able to get you coffee right to your door. 

While we are heavily committed to sustainability for the current time we are not taking cups across the counter to fill with espresso drinks. You are still able to use your own cup for drip coffee self-serve. When this outbreak is over we will return to filling the cups you bring in. 

While we love our customers and are known to shake hands and give high fives, we are asking that for the time being a friendly hello and smile suffice to reduce contact.

For the time being we are not able to refill your bag or container with whole beans and are only selling freshly bagged coffees, available in 12 oz, 2#, and 5# bags, all of which still come with a free cup of coffee.

This is evolving situation and new to us as much as it is to you. We thank you for your patience as things play out here. We are doing our best to maintain best practices and keep you in delicious coffee while keeping our community members as healthy as possible.

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  1. If I order a few 12 oz bags do I get free shipping? Or do I have to order at least 2 pounds of each? Thank you for doing proactive steps to keep our community safe!!
    -Missoula RN

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