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It is December and we are finally moved in and setting at our new location at 525 E. Spruce Street, in downtown Missoula, directly at the gate of the Rattlesnake. We are ecstatic. The summer and fall flew past us as we juggled the old shop on Wyoming and made the push to moving the entire roastery to its new location. Only with the help of incredible employees and incredible friends were we able to make the transition so quick and so smooth and if you are one of those people, and you are reading this, know just how very much we appreciate your help. We have incredible friends.

We’ve been asked a lot why we moved. The first and foremost reason is we simply ran out of space. Completely ran out of space. It began to feel like we were working in tunnels. But there is more to our move than just that. We have dreamed of occupying the quonset hut on Spruce St. since before we opened the original shop. It is quite literally our dream location. When we first opened we were focussed quite simply on sourcing and producing excellent ethically produced coffees, and serving them to the public in via wholesale and out of our shop in a simple but high quality capacity.

Now in our new location, with a little more room to stretch our arms and with a little more space to offer our customers, we have the ability to expand upon that original vision. We have never lost focus on our original intent. And in fact we have been able to expand our vision. We source exclusively 100% organic coffees. We feel strongly about the importance of this, not only with regard to our customers, but in many ways, more importantly for the impacts it has in the communities and ecosystems from which we purchase.

Along the way of getting to the new shop we have very strongly come to realize what an amazing community we live in. Missoula has some of the most incredible local-supporting people of anywhere in the country. The variety of people, including strangers, who we have received diehard support from is far beyond flattering. We are daily blown away to the point where we can not even think of our shop as just being our own… we now have something that we want, and is, part of the community. And it is only that way because of the strong community presence and support we have received.

So with our new shop we have had this very much in the forefront of our planning. Our intention is to offer the community a warm comfortable place where people can come by themselves and/or meet up with whomever is around them. It is exciting to see a place in which strangers meet and become friends. We are honored that Black Coffee has become a place like that.

Additionally we have expanded our offerings with things to compliment coffee and have something to offer to those that are not coffee drinkers. In addition to the coffee we roast, we now serve black and green teas from Floating Leaves Tea Company, and botanical teas from Lake Missoula Tea Company. We have in-house made shrubs, vinegar elixirs, made with seasonally available fruits. In addition to pastries we have added toast to our menu with seasonally changing toppings.

So we hope you will stop in and get to enjoy the new shop. We built it with a lot of hard work, a lot of love, and the socialistic hope that it would get to be enjoyed to its fullest by the community we love and live in. We also have expanded our hours. The new shop is located on the far east end of Spruce Street at 525 E. Spruce St. We are open M-F 6:30-5:30, Sat 7:30-4, and Sun 8-3. Hope to see you soon.

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