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Craft. Organic. Coffee.

These have been the words we’ve centered ourselves with over the years of operating Black Coffee Roasting Company. And since opening, we’ve attended the Specialty Coffee Association conventions, at its various locations around the country, a place full of coffee things and coffee people where we can calibrate ourselves to the larger industry as a whole and make sure we are on track with where we want to be.

This last week we just got back from a whirlwind of coffee and people that occurs annually at the SCA coffee convention which this year was held again in Seattle. This convention brings coffee people from around the world, each from their own individual position in the chain of events that eventually brings cups of coffee to each and every one of us. Growers, shippers, packagers, instrument and tool manufacturers, product developers, marketers, cup makers… on and on, etc, ad nauseam. And the humorous part of it all is that being a conference based on caffeine that the overall atmosphere is incredibly amplified and electrified. Shots of espresso are being served at nearly every other booth. Drip coffee. Pour overs. With this milk. With that milk. As you wander throughout the day you can feel the cloud rising and the energy intensifying.

But then you find your people. We’ve come to realize over the years that as with so many aspects of COFFEE, that it is as much about the people as it is the product. Craft, Organic, People, could be as fitting as Craft, Organic, Coffee. Because without the energy, dedication, and enthusiasm that all these people possess on a daily basis, we would not be seeing the incredibly high standards of coffee and coffee delivery as we currently are witnessing and experiencing on a daily basis.

Living in this modern day we are spoiled beyond belief with the most incredible coffee experience in the history of the world. Our coffees are monitored from seedling to cup by instruments and tools of mind-blowing precision and accuracy. And the people processing coffees are using new and widespread techniques to manipulate and specify certain characteristics of coffee, equating with nuance that has before been unattainable. But none of it would be going that direction without the high level of dedication that people at every level of this process are taking in their product. So being at SCA, where people from all levels are brought into the same building, conversing together over coffee, brainstorming, and getting to know one another, is an amazing experience that we do not take lightly. We draw our inspiration continually from others in the industry, from both those that create the products for processing coffee and those that are directly responsible for the coffee itself.

So another lap around the sun, and another SCA behind us…  Craft. Coffee. Community.


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