Spring in the Rockies. Flowers emerging and get covered by snow. Wind, sun, rain, snow, and more sun, all in the course of an afternoon. It means longer days, intermittent storms, some good camping weather crossed with some good days to sit by the fireplace inside and watch the storms roll by. Up here we start seedlings inside the house for the garden, but they will stay inside a while a longer. And spring at Black Coffee means it’s time for Bloom, our spring seasonal coffee with the personality of the season.

For this year’s Bloom we created a blend from Peru and Ethiopia. The Peruvian coffee has a solid body with warm notes of graham cracker and bakers chocolate. It is blended with a natural processed coffee from Ethiopia which has sweet strawberry notes, and pleasantly gentle and slight citrus edge. It’s available now at both our shop in Missoula, Montana, and online in 12 oz, 2 pound, and 5 pound bags. We offer free shipping on all orders over $45.

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