Pre-Order & Local Pickup Now Available in MISSOULA.

Friends, we have a safe, easy way for you to pick up organic coffee beans, Grist bread, chai, and more at our Missoula shop. Place orders at the link HERE by noon on Sundays for Tuesday pickups, and by noon Tuesdays for Thursday pick up. All pickups are PRE-ORDER ONLY. We will hand orders out the front door. No contact or public exposure. Please give others space if a line is formed. Thanks, and we look forward to seeing you all.

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  1. Hi neighbor. I miss my morning cup of coffee! I miss those cardamom knots! I miss avocado toast!
    I would like a bag of Laura, ground for Chemex pour over.
    I also need a box of natural (brown) Chemex filters.

    (I know can get a bag of your coffee at GFS but I don’t grind it right)

    How do we work this out?

    I could pay here by credit card, leave a check under your door, leave cash in that cute truck in the back alley.

    Let me know.

    Terry Lee
    (SunnyTLee on Instagram)

    1. Hi Terry, You can now order online under our “LOCAL PICKUP” section. Here you can get the coffee, ground to your choice, and filters as well. Sorry, no toast or cardamom knots at the time, but we can help keep you in coffee. Pre-order a day and half before pickup, which is Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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