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We have a new small batch of coffee we’ve brought in for the early summer season. This one is from Cajamarca, Peru, grown between 1300-2000 meters above sea level, and produced by the Chirinos Cooperative. The crop is certified organic, and processed using a double-fermentation method, in which the coffee is left in vat at a stable temperature for twice the usual length of time. We have been excited to see in the last few years how producers around the world are beginning to step outside the tradition bounds of coffee processing to push the envelope for how coffee can be produced and testing how new methods can effect the final outcomes of their crops. There are so many variables that are part of the flavor of coffee that occur while they are being produced in their country of origin, and we are excited to see new methods emerge and be experimented with before the coffee gets to us.

We have been really pleased with this coffee, and love the full, sweet body that it has in cup. Organic coffee quality has been growing tremendously in recent years, and we love to be part of this dynamic that results in healthier ecosystems, health, and quality crops as well as a more sustainable, long term relationship between people and the earth we live on. We hope you will try out the newest Shop Line. It is only available online and in our shop, and will only be around for a short time.

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