THE HUNT – 2020

We have four seasonal coffees throughout the year, and while the specifics each one changes year to year, the personality of each is what we strive to replicate. Following up a delicious summer coffee, TOPO, we are very excited about this year’s HUNT. From the highlands of Peru, this coffee lends itself to a dark-side of medium roast, full-bodied, rich and creamy. Every year we strive to have a HUNT coffee that goes hand in hand with fall colors, cooler mornings, and the crisp air that comes over the mountains with the season. We consider a good cup of coffee to be akin to a good tool, something reliable, stout, and well purposed for day to day. It is like a good pair of gloves, a trusty pocket knife, or your favorite boots, something you look forward to daily.

Again, we are honored to have the original artwork of Ralph Steadman for the Hunt. We have been lucky enough to get to use his artwork for several years now, and it’s timeless character is something we are proud to get to use with our coffee. Ralph, if you are out there reading this, know that it means the world to us to get to use your fantastic artwork with this coffee.

Enjoy the fall, and all the great weather that comes with it.

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