The Dark – A New Blend by Black Coffee.

We’ve had a lot of requests over the years for a darker blend. While our primary style of roasting lies solidly in the middle-leaning-light, we have shied away from a truly dark blend based on personal preference.. Our focus on roasting has always been to highlight the nuanced characteristics of each coffee crop. But as we’ve grown, we’ve also opened up to new ideas. More people have come to us asking for a coffee sourced in the same quality manner we do our others, but with a darker roast. They want to support organics, fair trade with farmers, fair wages and community support, but crave a little more edge on their coffee roast. We’ve listened. And we’ve worked hard to develop a new coffee blend specifically for these people. Introducing the Dark. It is, like all our coffees, 100% organic. Ethically sourced (fairly traded). With a roast we worked hard to hone in on, creating a darker flavor that makes for a solid, robust coffee. The Dark is a coffee that is truly dark.

The Dark is how people dream of drinking coffee in Paris, circa 1990.

The Dark is your favorite diner, tucked in a small town in the Cascades.

The Dark is black as a moonless night.

Roast level, full 6. Fair warning, if a coffee like our Guatemala or AM is already your favorite, this may not be your jam, but for those that have been craving something truly darker… The Dark.

Cheers Friends. Enjoy the coffee.

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