Sometimes you come across a product you can just not do with out. For me, the Frieling French Press is one such product. As coffee roasters we have a lot of brewing methods at our fingertips. And while I love to experiment with a wide variety of brewing options, there are a few I use regularly. And one of these is the Frieling French Press. Where do I begin?

The Frieling is a “buy it once for life” product. It is incredibly well built. With double-walled, stainless steel construction it is stout and nearly indestructible. There are no plastic or glass parts to break. It keeps coffee hot while brewing, and can withstand the test of time (I don’t know how many glass French presses I broke before find Frieling, but it was several.) Over the years mine has travelled across continents stuffed in a backpack, accidentally dropped off porch rails, bounced around in the back of the pickup, and sat on the edge of countless campfires, and it has never broken, and never disappointed. 

Aside from its robust construction the Frieling is designed to brew coffee deliciously. The filter system consists of two separate screens that do a superior job of removing silt than is otherwise common with other French presses I’ve used. Over the years I’ve found that this not only allows a cleaner, smoother cup, but also allows forgiveness with regards to the grind of the coffee you put in. While many French presses require a rather diligently coarse grind, otherwise giving you loads of silt in the last pour, the Frieling allows for a finer grind and still pours a delicious, clean cup regardless. Additionally, a slightly finer grind allows for better extraction, further enhancing the flavor of the coffee you brew. 

The Frieling is a product we sell because we love. 

It’s become less common to find products built to last a lifetime, but the Frieling is one such product. There is nothing about it I would change. We have three sizes available at Black Coffee.

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