Instant Coffee – Organic should be a given.

When most people think of specialty coffee they do not think in terms of instant coffee, but we’d like to help change that. Instant coffee is a great option especially as a supplement to coffee beans. With incredible shelf stability, an efficiency of space and weight, and an overall reduced waste of water, instant coffee is no longer a relic to be overlooked.

Why is specialty organic instant coffee better than the traditional cardboard tasting instant coffees you might have found in your grandparents cupboard in the past? It all has to do with where it starts. Quality coffee beans produce quality coffees. The bulk commodity coffees offered by the major multi-national conglomerates are anything but quality. These commodity coffees not only support frightening labor and environmental practices, but they also rely on quantity over quality of coffee beans. These beans were selected by merely being present rather than based on health, varietal, and ripeness. If you harvest bad coffee there is no way to make good coffee out of it.

Black Coffee utilizes 100% organic coffee practices and we work exclusively with farms that harvest sustainably and produce coffee for quality over quantity. The end result is an instant coffee that has more balance and body, and creates a delicious, rich cup. We use a medium roast to that brings out the natural sweetness of the coffee while still being strong enough to stand up to the creamer of your choice if you so desire.

Instant coffee can and should be good. And while many of us use it as a supplement for our daily fresh brew, it is a great option to keep around, and has at a minimum 2 year shelf life.

Our organic instant coffee is now available in both bulk tins (25 cups/tin) and stick packs (8 cups/box – due back in stock soon!) We are working with our packaging partners to later this year begin packaging our stick packs in 100% biodegradable and compostable material.

We work with retailers around Montana and the northwest, and also ship directly to your home or office from our website. We hope you will check it out and enjoy it.

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