Crafting new things…

We are a group of people who like making things…

We started roasting coffee because we knew how we wanted our coffee and love the process of working with raw beans to find the sweet spot in different coffees. We enjoy the craft of roasting, of making it different, of finding the nuance and bring out different highlights. We love discovering the differences that landscape, climate and varietal plays in coffee. We love the act of crafting something.  And as our shop has grown we have brought in more people, all of a similar mindset with different skill sets, and now are able to expand the idea of making more things in house as we continue on. This is what we enjoy and will continue building upon…

This week started making our own organic nut butters and organic Brazil nut milk. The Brazil nut milk is a delicious addition for coffee as it has a creamy, rich mouthfeel and comfortable, quiet flavor that accentuates the flavor of coffee.


Our new toast special highlights our organic nut butters. Starting with Italian white, we layer fresh organic nut butter, peanut or almond, layer with bananas, sprinkle with house-made cocoa, buckwheat groat granola, and drizzle with honey.

Stop in, say hi, and enjoy the coffee.



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