BLOOM – Our Spring Seasonal is Available

As the snow retreats up the mountains in Montana and the flowers start to think about pushing up through the soil it’s time to release Bloom. Bloom is our annual spring seasonal coffee. As with all our seasonal coffees we do not release the same coffee year to year, but rather look for coffees that fit the personality of the season. This year we switched things up and created a blend for Bloom. This year’s Bloom comes from Africa and S. America, with two different crops from Ethiopia, one natural, one washed, and a washed coffee from the highlands of northern Peru. The result is a beautiful coffee that has plenty of bright moments, but also a solid body and richness. This coffee will be available until early summer online, in our shop, and in stores that sell Black Coffee. From our website you can get any coffee ground if needed, and all coffees are available in 12 oz, 2 pound, and 5 pound bags, and we offer free shipping on all coffees. And as always all coffees are 100% organic. Cheers to Spring!

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