The Hunt.

Smokey skies and fire filled forests have been haunting western Montana and much of the west for weeks now. Missoula is entrenched in a deep amber haze that layers between the mountainsides and trees, and hides the distant peaks. But days are starting to become more noticeably shorter and morning temperatures feel cooler than just a few weeks ago and we anticipate things to be clearing out soon. Fall is coming. We are still waiting for clear skies the last bursts of color that define the season, but in the meantime we are ready to release our annual fall seasonal, the Hunt. This years Hunt is a single origin Guatemalan coffee from the AproCafe Coop in San Pedro, Atitlan. This is the second time we have found a Guatemalan that fits the fall profile we are looking for and we are almost surprised by it’s incredible body and richness while still maintaining the delicate fruit sweetness often associated with Guatemalan coffees. The roast level itself is not dark for this coffee, but the coffee has an incredibly full body with hefty notes akin to what we want on cool mornings in the forest and in these mountains. It is available online now. Again, we are honored to be featuring the artist Ralph Steadman with this coffee.

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