Black Coffee, Sweet Butter, Velvet.

Matt and Sam Schultz test out the new ride after Missoula XC Championships.
Black Coffee just acquired a new delivery bike, which we are very excited about. Being centrally located in Missoula, we will now be able to deliver at least a portion of our coffees around town with nothing more than pedal power. This new bike has an incredible carry capacity, and drives like sweet butter on velvet. Does that analogy work? Not sure, but the point is, it is very fun to ride and we are excited to be able to do at least part of the years deliveries with this terrific new ride. Granted, in the heart of January… one day at a time.
After a great win at the Missoula XC Championship, Sam Schultz (1st Place!) took a ride with Matt trying out the new ride. We were really excited to be part of the bike races at Marshall Mountain this year, and are gunning for their return next year. Marshall Mountain was a perfect venue and Missoulians came out in full force offering an enormous support to a perfect mountain bike racing venue. Events like this make Missoula the unique town it is, and we are really grateful to the organizers of events like the Missoula XC with the KettleHouse Wednesday night series, the Missoula Marathon, and the upcoming Missoula Cyclocross Series for making an effort to giving Missoula extra awesomeness…This town just gets better and better with age! Cheers til then!

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