Special coffees with limited availability, just for you.

Occasionally we are introduced to small lots of coffee that are special, but limited. Coffee, being an agriculture crop, has dynamics that range across the board, and generally when we purchase a crop we are purchasing enough to supply our various coffee shop and grocery stores so that the coffee is available to them all for the season until the next seasons crops arrive. However, we are often presented with lots that would be too small to supply to the various outlets we sell to. Now we have created a new line called Shop Line, that lets us bring in these very small offerings and offer them directly to our customers at our own shop in downtown Missoula, and on our website. They will not be available anywhere else, and we buy a very limited amount, so once it is gone, we on to the next one. This inaugural batch is from Brazil, and is an incredibly lively, organic coffee.

This small lot is from a family owned biodynamic farm sourced from Fazenda Floresta near the Chapada Diamantina National Park. The farmers use a holistic approach to agriculture where the farm is managed as an interconnected organism that generates its own fertility through diverse cover-cropping and working with the rhythms of nature. Pulp natural and dried in the sun, this coffee produces a clean and complex cherry fruit flavor with nice chocolatey sweetness and bright orange acidity.

Keep an eye out throughout the year as we offer these new organic micro-offerings. They will not be available anywhere else.


As always, our coffees are organically grown, sourced at or above Fair Trade price, roasted and sold fresh, and packaged in 100% recycled and biodegradable packaging. We strive to find the best coffees, so you can drink the best the planet has to offer with minimal impact on the earth.

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