Best Way To Make Coffee For Spring Break

Utah desert & coffee

For many people Spring Break means road trip. And while it might be tempting to settle for truck stop coffee, there is no reason to sacrifice your coffee while you are out having fun. Good coffee, after all, makes a great day even better. To that end, we have you covered.

For road travel there are three methods we love in particular.

A French Press is so straight forward and easy. And is a great way to make coffee for several people. The Frieling French Press is made of stainless steel with a twin-walled construction that keeps the coffee hot. This is the last French Press you will ever need to buy. It’s built to pass on to your kids.

The Aeropress is a quick and simple way to make a cup that is fresh and robust. Another benefit with the Aeropress is that it is lightweight, easy to clean, and easy to take down the trail. 

And the Organic Instant is as straight forward as it comes. Add the magic to your cup, add hot water, and it’s ready to drink. Throw a few packets in your backpack or even pocket and have a cup on the trail, delicious hot or cold.

For any three of these methods, you can pull up to a gas station anywhere in the country and just grab hot water from the station. 

Bonus points the French Press & Aeropress: Order your coffee ground for utmost ease.

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