LOVE – A Midwinter Seasonal Coffee

Headed towards Valentines Day, Black Coffee releases our LOVE seasonal. This year’s organic crop is a Costa Rican coffee from Las Lajas. We have been in love with the coffees from Las Lajas for well over a decade and in that time the cooperative has gained a cult-like following making the coffees a bit challenging to procure. But the quality of farming and production shines. These coffees are consistent, well developed, and so easy to drink.

We maintain a steady medium roast level on this one… light enough to still appreciate the nuance and acidity, but with enough roast to develop the flavors that result in a full-bodied, rich cup you just want to drink more of. Drink it black or with cream; this coffee is like Turkish delight… Shipped fresh from Missoula to your home, order online today, or stop in our shop in downtown Missoula. This coffee is only available at Black Coffee Roasting Company.

Notes of strawberry and dark chocolate.

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