Mexico – Chiapas

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Campesinos Ecológicos de la Sierra Madre de Chiapas (CESMACH) farmers live in the buffer zone of the El Triunfo biosphere reserve where organic coffee farming is one of the few sanctioned activities in the delicate cloud forest habitat. We have been working with for several years and are excited about this newest crop. Full body, low acidity. Maple sugar sweetness, molasses, and apricot.

Roast Level: Medium

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12 reviews for Mexico – Chiapas

  1. Bill Folmar

    Our new stand-by. Everything the description says! Full flavored, with body, clarity and smooth aftertaste. I/we are not experts, but we know what we like.

  2. MT Coffee Avenger

    This is the first coffee that I’ve tried from BCRC and am very impressed! I look forward to trying more of their blends in the future. I’m very thankful my store (Natural Grocers) started selling your coffees!

  3. Mary Mellom

    So smooth…This would be my “have it everyday” choice.

  4. Kelly Leaver

    I bought this as a fundraiser my son had for a school trip. I am in heaven. I grind it and use it in my Keurig. Absolutely fabulous flavor and not coffee after taste. I will be getting more in the future!!

  5. Amy Barron

    We bought this coffiee at Lucky’s in Billings, MT…best coffee we’ve ever made at home! We loved the rich. smooth flavor. We will definitely buy this one again.

  6. Alec M.

    A recommendation from a family member. This roast is exceptionally great, took about 3 cups over 3 days and I was hooked; a flavor like no other!

  7. JB

    This is the best coffee I have ever have and we have tried a ton of different roasters with subscriptions. Try it and you won’t regret it!

  8. Traci Rasmusson

    Acidic, strong coffee bothers my stomach and gives me acid reflux. This coffee doesn’t bother my stomach at all and tastes fantastic! Much better than any other coffee I’ve tried.

  9. Ron Nickerson

    We use this as our everyday coffee. We love the taste and the fact it’s low acidic. Would highly recommend

  10. Brett

    The absolute best coffee. We drink this blend every morning and it never gets old.

  11. mmbrown26

    Truly outstanding flavor! We look forward to it whenever we brew a pot.

  12. Holly Pozzi

    The most relied upon bean to make an exceptional cup of coffee. Consistently the best! Makes rich drip, espresso, or pour over. Not too dark and not too fruity and bright. It’s everyday
    all day perfect.

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