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Organic. This elegant blend of coffees has an allure and mystery like the deep forest corners of the Northwest, an intangible beauty that lurks in the darkness.  Like a quiet stroll under moonlight, shadows distorted and allusive.  Rich, naturally sweet, and silky, it is complex and layered, a subtle acidity balanced with a full, rich body.

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6 reviews for LAURA

  1. Victoria B

    First bought this as part of a gift for my sister Laura and it quickly became a family favorite. Excellent coffee, smooth, never bitter, smells amazing; makes every morning extra special.

  2. JRS

    I’m a big, big fan of most of BCRC’s coffees. I just had the opportunity to try Laura today for the first time and am blown away. It is excellent! The description of the flavor, as always, is right on the money. It has a rich, low acid body that also brings to mind a deep red wine type of flavor. I don’t know how you guys do this, but keep doing it!

  3. Johnson

    Fantastic coffee. A guy from Missoula told me I had to try it and I’m glad I did!

  4. Luke Fluegel

    Tripped in from mpls, where we like to think we have the best. Laura makes our coffee look like South Dakota Buffalo runoff. My cats like it. I gave it to my girlfriend, she calls me “sir” now. It woke my great-great grandmother from the dead. She smells weird.
    Thanks, Laura.

  5. Lori

    This is the best coffee you will ever have in your life! I recently moved to California after living in Missoula for 3 years and I could not find good local coffee here that I liked and I sorely missed BCRC and Laura, my favorite. I was so frustrated I almost gave up drinking coffee all together. My boyfriend surprised me with a bag of Laura and Drift and I have been so very very happy with them both. BCRC is an amazing business with delicious tasting coffee and I’ve never found anything better. I am so glad I found out I can get thier coffee shipped to my house. I’ll be ordering more Laura and trying out Vinyl.

  6. Charles

    Heard about this organic coffee and can’t wait to finally try it.

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