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AM is a medium roasted blend that we developed specifically for our house espresso.  It pulls a beautiful shot with high notes of sweet citrus balanced with dark coco, and a creamy mouthfeel.  But because of its full-spectrum nature, including heavier toned dark coffees mixed with a touch of bright fruit and acidity, the AM blend makes a great home drip, French press or pour-over.  AM is a great all-purpose, every day coffee! Sold in 12 ounce packages.

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7 reviews for AM (Blend)

  1. MT Coffee Avenger

    This is the third time I’ve purchased BCRC’s products; I’ve purchased Black and Tan (my favorite) and the Chiapas Single Origin (also amazing). I’m not sure why my Black & Tan review got deleted, I gave it 5 Stars. Oh well.

    To be objective and not sound like a BCRC fanboy, I am disappointed in AM. IMO, there isn’t anything that sets this blend apart and makes it special. The flavor is below average. The description states “…high notes of sweet citrus balanced with dark coco, and a creamy mouthfeel…”. Sorry, I don’t get that at all. Maybe I had a bad batch?

    Not a fan of this one.

    • bcroasters

      Sorry you didn’t enjoy this one… And not sure what happened to your Black & Tan review, but glad to hear that one worked for you. We do our best to offer a spectrum of blends with the hope that different people can hone in on what they are looking for with a coffee, while occasionally offering up a surprise experience with something they did not expect to like, but inevitably not every coffee fits everybody. Thanks for the feedback, we always appreciate it! Cheers!

  2. WYPlains

    I like this blend a lot. Could easily be a daily drinker. Wonder if previous reviewer got a bad bag or something because for me this description works. Make as espresso at home, delicious.

  3. Katt

    We serve this roast as a drip coffee during all open hours at our local salon. We find it to be a delicious coffee that gets positive reviews from our staff and clients every day! Thank you, BCRC!

  4. Judd

    Our favorite roast in the BCRC lineup. It’s perfectly balanced, and our go-to morning cup.

  5. kim

    My mom and I had a wonderful cup of coffee in St. Pat’s coffee shop; I had to ask the name and source, then found it at Good Food and tried it at home. I had been searching for years for a smooth, good-tasting, non-bitter coffee and have now found it. Thank you so very, very much! Which of the other varieties would you recommend for a fuller non-bitter flavor?

  6. Mike Edwards

    Every time I’m in Missoula…visiting my son…I stop by BCRC for an espresso mocha on the way out of town. I always order it with AM. It’s a unique taste different from other coffeehouse mochas; not so sweet. It was my son who first introduced me to BCRC. And, when he comes home for his annual pre-Christmas visit, he brings a 12oz bag of A.M. Our youngest daughter, also home for Christmas, a Keurig drinker, made herself a French Press coffee from freshly ground AM beans. She liked it so much, I bought her her French Press and hand grinder to take home with her. I guess I’ll be online ordering AM on a regular schedule now.

  7. Nate owens

    Very nice

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