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The occasional spring snowfall does not stop the tulip leaves or crocus from pushing up towards the sky. As the days grow longer spring begins to bloom like a pour over when hot water is added to the ground beans.
This years BLOOM is a blend from Africa and South America. While leaning lighter in terms of roast, it is a very rich, silky, and satisfying coffee. The taste of sweet strawberry and baker’s chocolate dominate with a hint of citrus acidity. Notes of sunshine, blooming flowers, and longer days. Enjoy!

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5 reviews for Bloom

  1. Turtle

    This coffee is one of my new favorites. It has a light body, a smooth finish and I do detect the vanilla notes but it tastes more like a “good morning” and an even “better day”…now let’s hope NO ONE ruins it with their stupidity!!!!

  2. tremblys

    We love this lighter roasted coffee. A great way to start your day or pick up your afternoon!!!

  3. Melissa Foster

    Love BCRC – Always visit when in Missoula – order many of your blends sent to Tennessee –especially Laura- BLOOM is lovely single origin – hints of strawberry, chocolate and lemon in this AMAZING coffee! On my 3rd bag! Thank You

  4. colin

    Really nice light roast coffee. I’ve made it in my aeropress and gotten such good cups of coffee. I haven’t had the chance to make any cold brew/brew over ice yet, but I’m sure it’s delicious! So long as they have it in stock, I will be enticed to purchase again.

  5. Vinni Russoniello

    Damn Fine Cup.☕️

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