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Formally Black & Tan. A blend of one crop, 1/2 roasted light, 1/2 roasted dark. Sweet, strawberry, walnuts, & raisin.

Roast Level: Dark

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8 reviews for 2 TONE

  1. ward klemer

    This may be my favorite coffee ever. Very robust and strong flavored with no bitter aftertaste. My son Brody got me a 6 month supply for fathers day; When I picked this up from the post office, I could smell the wonderful aroma before I even opened the bag.

  2. John C. Smyrna, DE

    I enjoy searching for new dark roast coffee and blends. I tried this recently and I am in the process of re-ordering right now. The taste is one of the best I have come across. I grind my own, which I strongly suggest, using a burr grinder. It really does add just that little extra aroma.
    During grinding this coffee you will be amazed at the aroma that fills the kitchen.

  3. Michelle Tabish

    I love this coffee, I have tried the Vinyl roast and the Laura roast and although they all have their merits, the Black and Tan is phenomenal. I have a really cheap bean grinder and the coffee still shines through the somewhat uneven grind, I’ll need a better grinder eventually…but I digress. I use a French Press and a cheapie grinder and nothing makes my morning better! 10/10 highly recommend.

  4. Victoria B

    Definitely one of my all time favorite coffees! Never bitter, smooth, strong, everything a coffee should be. LOVE it! Also a big fan of Laura.

  5. JR

    This is probably their best coffee (although the Mexican Chiapas is a close second for me). B&T has excellent flavor all around and is very robust. This coffee should yearly win awards; I’m an organic coffee snob and most of what is out there on the market doesn’t come close to B&T in particular or BCRC in general. Well done, guys. I tip my cup to thee.

  6. javamom32

    I have never tried BCRC coffee before. But after looking around and finding their site, I came across this blend. I ordered it in espresso grind, received it today and OH MY GOD!! OMG! Between the aroma and the taste….HEAVEN!! And did I happen to mention….OH MY GOD!! I love it and plan to order AM, Vinyl, and obviously more of this blend in the near future. Customer. For. Life.

  7. Mike

    The best tasting coffee!!! Period!! BCRC was recommended by friends who live on the west coast. Being from NJ, I never heard of it before. After trying different blends, the Black and Tan is truly my favorite bean! Just ordered another 5lbs bag to restock my supply. As long as they keep making the B&T, I’ll keep buying! Keep up the great work BCRC, you have a customer for life!

  8. Patricia Gould

    Love it, nice and smooth but full bodied.

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