Red Room (Blend)

(9 customer reviews)

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Silky smooth with a layered depth. Clove, tamarind, starfruit, and a touch of noir cinema.

Roast Level: Dark

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9 reviews for Red Room (Blend)

  1. MARY

    WoW! This was the best coffee I’ve had in years! My son-in-law, Chris, brewed it in his Technivorm maker and it was sublime.

  2. Nick

    I like a lot of dark roasts, but this one particularly stands above the rest. This is my all time favorite coffee. Period.

  3. donomiller

    Excellent Coffee! I’ve been an avid drinker of Intelligentsia and other premium blends, but this blend is better and you get 2X as much!

  4. Emily

    Hands-down my favorite cup of coffee! We recently moved states and order this in so we can savor a bit of Missoula every morning! Thanks BCRC!

  5. Pam

    Finishing up my first bag of this delicious roast. The aroma is wonderful and it is a very flavorful dark roast. Buying another supply soon.

  6. Jake

    A damn fine cup of coffee!

  7. Jason

    I had just moved back to Missoula about a month before discovering BCRC, and I was hooked from the start. There is a LOT of great coffee in Missoula but BCRC is, like a Land Rover, above and beyond! Red Room is somehow above and beyond that! All their coffees are ridiculously high quality, but Red Room embodies everything I love in a great coffee- dark, rich, chocolate-y/leather-y/bourbon-y… I like a little cream and sugar in my coffee, but that almost feels like an insult to Red Room.

  8. Gina sparks

    Love Missoula. Love your coffee! I’m not a robot. I’m a happy customer 😊

  9. Gina sparks

    I love your coffee. Love Missoula as well.

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