The Dark

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This is our darkest blend. It is how people dream of drinking coffee in Paris, 1990. It’s your favorite diner tucked in the Cascades. This is black as a moonless night.

While most of our coffees lean towards medium roast to lighter style, this coffee is dark. We wanted to offer a coffee that is every bit as ethically sourced as the rest of our coffees, with a focus on being organic, traded fairly, and roasted with care, but cater to those that crave something on the darker side of things. For those that love dark…

Roast Level: Our Darkest.

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5 reviews for The Dark

  1. Patrick Hover

    It’s so smooth you wont believe it! BCR , you nailed this roast and blend. Amazing. Im ordering a 2 lb bag to help support in the COVID -19 mess.

    Thanks for all you do.

    Patrick Hover

  2. Lynette Mercurio

    I tried this for the first time this week and it is an instant Fave! Love all your choices!

  3. Jason Burkhalter

    Our favorite blend!

  4. Amy

    Such a great coffee! Totally nailed the dark, smooth, chocolatiness.

  5. Mary

    This is my favorite! I drink my coffee without any additives and was surprised at how smooth and delicious this is. Perfect!!

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