Morning inventions

So. I feel like it’s time that we admit something to you. Hopefully at this point, it’s become apparent that roasting coffee is what we do. We love roasting, preparing, drinking, smelling, talking about and generally obsessing over coffee. It’s our profession, and we try to do it as well as humanly possible. But it’s not all we do. We’re also inventors. We, being Jim and Matt, show up to work every day at about 5:30 am. I usually arrive a few minutes before Jim, turn on the lights, make a cup of coffee and fire up the roaster, because we like to let it warm up for a bit before we actually start roasting.  Jim having arrived, we drink our coffee, and while waiting for the roaster to get warmed up, we invent things. Generally speaking, we are fairly observant folks, Jim and I. We look at the world and see niches, and Ideas. We see the products that are being offered to the general public, and then we look past that to all of the niches that have not yet been filled, and we invent products to fill those said niches. Take this morning for example. These days, Jim and I notice more and more people taking advantage of blue tooth technology, and although Jim and I embrace modern technology to a certain degree, the blue tooth is not for us, but it’s hard to argue with the fact that these ear-embedded phones are rather popular.

Now that’s all fine and dandy, and although this guy looks quite fetching with his ear piece, it still isn’t for us. We’re just not really huge phone talkers. We’re more coffee drinkers. But this morning, shortly past 5:30, an amazing idea popped into our noggins, and we got to work on it. We call this, the “Blue Cup.”

I know I know. It’s genius. Now mind you, this is just the prototype, but honestly, it just doesn’t need many changes. It worked perfectly.  Jim was effectively able to work away, roasting coffee, computer work, cleaning, all while drinking his cup of coffee, hands free.  We think that in time, you’ll see a lot of people using Bluecups, and when you do, think of us, and how we thought of it first. Until then, keep drinking coffee, and enjoy the spring.

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