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We come across far more amazing coffees than we can carry in our shop. To allow us to source and serve some of the really fantastic small lot coffees we find along the way, we started Shop Line a few years ago with the idea that we will bring in small amounts of select coffees, highlight them for a few weeks and move on. These coffees are sold on our website and in our shop, but not available anywhere else. This allows us to not worry about how much or little we can source, and allows us to move on quickly to the next.

We currently have an amazing coffee from Cajamarca, Peru. This 100% Caturra crop is grown by Efrain Salvador on Finca El Cerra, between 1850-1900 masl.

This coffee is stout and full-bodied while retaining a silky mouthfeel that is rich and creamy. Its complexity hides in subtle undertones of grape, green apple, and citrus. The voluminous body of this coffee is balanced with a mild, quiet acidity that is just enough to keep it balanced.

Find this organic coffee for the next few weeks here, and in our shop in downtown Missoula at 525 E. Spruce.


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