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Coffee can make your day. It can highlight the best of days and make challenging days seem perfectly fine because when it comes down to it, life is more fun with a good cup of coffee in hand. Whether wandering foreign cities, countrysides or hiking back in the deep forests for a good camping expedition, coffee will no doubt be part of your time you don’t want to neglect.

We designed this kit to make it easy to take coffee wherever you go, whenever you go. It is made of durable canvas and leather that only gets better as it wears and a stout zipper that won’t let you down.

The size is perfect for taking coffee, two mugs, a grinder, brewer, and ancillary tools. We’ve tested it around the globe and in remote corners of Montana forests. Available with a Kalita pour-over, Aeropress, or by itself if you already have the necessary tools for the job. Take it far and wide and drink great coffee everywhere you go.

Now available online.

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