Six Towers (Blend)

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Malt, toffee, croissant, and lemon candy. Urban sophistication with rural appeal. Coffee to explore with.

Roast Level: Medium

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2 reviews for Six Towers (Blend)

  1. A.Sønju

    The bouquet of the beans in the back is a really lovely soft floral cocoa with citrus… and it tastes just a good. Earthy base, sweet toffee/nutty mid-tones; finished with sweet fruite & floral notes. Lively but smooth and easily approached.

  2. Ron

    We had breakfast at Triple Creek Ranch out of Darby, MT last week (August 24, 2016) and this is what they serve. This was the best cup of coffee I have ever had and I have been drinking coffee for a long, long, time….Triple Creek was also rated the #1 hotel in the world by Leisure+Travel in 2014 and they definitely go first class!!!

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