Brazil is the largest producer of coffees globally. And while they are known for a large quantity of good quality coffees, in the specialty coffee arena they generally are approached as key components to blends rather than coffees that are highlighted on their own. We have had the good fortune of tracking down some fantastic crops from Brazil the last several years that can stand alone exceptionally. Our current Brazil crop is one of these coffees and worth noting.

This is the first biodynamically farmed crop we have had from Brazil. The coffee comes from Fazenda Floresta, in the state of Bahia where it is grown on a family-owned estate near the Chapada Diamantina National Park in rich, clay soils between 1050-1200 masl. Biodynamic cultivation is a holistic approach to farming that implements organic growing methods but goes even further managing the farm as an interconnected organism, using a diverse cover-crop and inputs from the surrounding ecosystem and farm, approaching farming as a system within the natural ecological rhythms through the year.

The coffee is processed pulp natural, meaning the fruit is allowed to ferment on the seed before it is sundried and removed. This brings out the natural sugars in the coffee and lends it towards a sweet strawberry flavor. The coffee is rich with complex fruit flavor with the nice sweetness of milk chocolate and a strawberry acidity.

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