Weekends and Coffee

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I’m no better at taking just one option for coffee than I am at taking just one option for brewing coffee. Minimum 2 coffees & two brew methods. That’s my weekend travel minimum. Usually 3. (Ok, sometimes 4) 

For some days like these right now, these 2 coffees (and some unroasted green should we run out.) The Hunt is from Colombia, SL from Mexico. Both brew in fall colors and make you appreciate whatever mug your drinking from. Autumn does that. 

For brew methods: a Frieling French press, a Kalita pour-over, and a Fellow Stag. It’s overkill and I know it. I can’t help it though. And while my kids laugh at it, my wife approves. The French press is like a family member. It makes great coffee for two, is bullet proof and insulated, made purely of metal, and has brewed perfectly, without a single replacement part (or filter) on nearly every continent over the coarse of a lot of years. I’d no sooner leave it at home than my wallet. The Kalita is great for a quick mid-day one cup. I also think the Kalita is the very best at extracting the greatest spectrum of nuanced flavors from a coffee. And it’s so light, why not bring it. And the Fellow? …

It’s new, novel and it’s great. Like a Chemex but different. Is it better? I don’t know. I hate driving into that realm of value judgement in this arena. I have room in my life for various things of the same nature, none necessarily better than the other, just different. Its different. It’s great. It’s simple. It’s fun to use. And it has a stroke of elegance that makes it feel like a well tuned old car, even though it’s new. A ‘78 Mercedes diesel wagon maybe. (The Freiling by contrast would be a similar year, but Land Cruiser perhaps?) Between the various options of beans and coffee we are covered. For a few days at least. And now to lookout.

Public Lands and Public Access

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Access to public lands is important for the long-term protection and legacy of America’s wild lands. The Land and Water Conservation Fund, one of the major tools in protecting access to public lands is set to expire. Please consider reaching out to your elected officials and urge them to protect this bi-partisan bill. Learn more here from our friends at Backcountry Hunters and Anglers.

Papua New Guinea

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We have a new Papua New Guinea crop in… and it is drinking deliciously.

Bourbon and Typica sourced from the Chimbu Province of Papua New Guinea. This coffee is fully washed and sun-dried at the Siane Organic Agriculture Cooperative which has been a growing force for helping local farmers develop organic crops in the region, with an emphasis on coffee.
This coffee is rich and full bodied with a clean, soft acidity. Dark chocolate tones dominate with mild notes of toffee and molasses with a subtle sugar cane sweetness.

First Friday, August

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We agree. It’s hard to believe it is nearly here already. August.For First Friday August, in downtown Missoula we will be demo-ing Kalita pour-overs featuring a variety of our single-origin coffees. If you are interested in how to make pour-overs or want to know more about the differences in our single origin coffees, come down between 4:30-5:30 Friday evening, August 3. Hope to see you. Tasting is free and open to the public. Freshly roasted, organic coffees, for your trying.

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