First Friday, August

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We agree. It’s hard to believe it is nearly here already. August.For First Friday August, in downtown Missoula we will be demo-ing Kalita pour-overs featuring a variety of our single-origin coffees. If you are interested in how to make pour-overs or want to know more about the differences in our single origin coffees, come down between 4:30-5:30 Friday evening, August 3. Hope to see you. Tasting is free and open to the public. Freshly roasted, organic coffees, for your trying.


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For every season we try to find a coffee that matches the mood and groove of the season. For TOPO, our summer seasonal, we look for something that fits into the wilderlands, something that has enough body and spirit to keep you going through the day, and a vibrancy to match mountain skies, flowing rivers, and long summer days.

TOPO is selected and roasted to be suitable especially for Aeropress, pour-over, drip, and French press, so it can be brewed perfectly wherever you are exploring.


This years TOPO is from the highlands of the Congo between 1500-2100 masl. It is full-bodied without being heavy. Like walking barefoot in long grass. Think high mountain meadows, warm sunshine, and an alpine breeze that carries a hundred miles of forest.

Flavor notes: Black cherry, brown sugar, jasmine, and lime.


COSTA RICA – Las Lajas

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Every year we look forward to trying and bringing in coffees from the Las Lajas Mill in Costa Rica. The crops coming out of this third generation farm are consistently some of the most unique annually, always high quality, and delightful in cup.

This year we brought in a Red Honey processed coffee, which in the parlance of other origins equates to a natural, dried on raised beds before milling. Lush tones of dark chocolate are balanced with a rich sweetness of strawberry and just a mild note of lemon citrus. There is limited availability with this crop, so it won’t be around all year but we are excited to offer it up for the upcoming weeks. Order online, or in local shops around Missoula and western Montana.

First Friday

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Hope you can join us for an evening highlighting our current Shop Line served with the Aeropress and the Fellow Products Prismo. Stop in for a demo and coffee to kick off First Friday in Missoula.

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