It is spring time and while we still have rain, gray, and snow in the mountains, the signs of Spring are clear and visible. Subtle buds thicken in the trees, grasses begin to toy with green, and flower buds eye the sky, thinking about the upcoming sun that will soon flood our northern latitude.

Here at Black Coffee Roasting Company, we have been busy profiling new coffees and we have happened upon some fantastic beans. In addition to our newest coffee from Bali that comes in the BLOOM label, we have a new Colombia, a Rwanda, a Bolivia, and a new Ethiopian Sidamo. Do we have a favorite? We are in love with all of them. These coffees offer a wide array of the spectrum of possibilities in coffee. Coffees should be distinct and between the single origins we currently have in stock, they represent a wide array of the possibilities offered in great coffees. Brightness levels, body, mouthfeel… Coffees should taste different.

We also have recently added a few tables and chairs to our roastery offering a place to sit while you enjoy a cup. If you get the chance, stop in and see us. The season is here to be out and about, and we are excited about the impending sunlight.

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