Frieling French Press

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The Frieling French Press is made with twin walled stainless steel. We sell them because we love them. This is a “buy it once, never again” sort of product. We wish more things were built this well. The twin wall construction is solid and works great at keeping the coffee hot while brewing. All metal parts means no plastic to break. And with it’s unique double filtration screen system, the Frieling is able to not only accept a finer grind than most French presses, which results in a more robust cup, but also removes silt incredibly well. We’ve been around the world with ours. It’s the most durable French Press we know of and makes incredibly delicious coffee.

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1 review for Frieling French Press

  1. Lucy Sunshine

    Best daggone press ever. This is our family’s legacy press. Our son grew up with this press in our home and always on our camping trips some DECADES ago. When he came of age of course he wanted one. This makes great coffee and it will serve you and then the next generation. It makes great coffee, it is durable and beautiful.

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