Ethiopia – Jimma

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From our friends at Limma Kossa Estate, this is a washed and sun dried coffee grown in the heart of Ethiopia’s Jimma region which is host to vast forests with countless wild coffee varietals. This coffee has been consistently incredible year after year. Full-bodied with a rich, clean cup. Delicately complex notes of molasses and sweet malt, sweet apricot, and dried raspberry.

Roast Level: Lighter

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3 reviews for Ethiopia – Jimma

  1. L. Phillips

    Exactly as described, Wonderful especially for someone who is new to coffee.

  2. Rory

    I don’t think I needed another cup of coffee today, but just received a bag of this in my mailbox and couldn’t resist. Brewed a Chemex of Doma’s washed Ethiopia – Sidama this morning and the contrast with BCRC’s Jimma highlights the diversity in beans coming out of Ethiopia. Doma’s Sidama is a much more bright and fruit-forward brew. The Jimma, a more restrained bright and fruity, finishes with a nice malty balanced finish referenced in the description. This is a lighter roast for folks who are usually turned off from the acidity that can accompany beans from this region. Highly recommended. Going to be enjoyed this week while working from home.

  3. Luke

    Definitely get the malty notes which was super pleasant and sweet fruit hangs out in the background. This bag makes a lovely cup.

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