Dark Humor

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In Collaboration with our friend Brendan Leonard @SEMI_RAD, we bring you: Dark Humor. 

Not for the feign of heart. In Brendan’s words: “I like my coffee like I like my jokes: Dark, in frequent doses, enabling me daily to tenuously cling to a shred of something resembling sanity, thusly narrowly avoiding pitching off a metaphorical cliff of despair. Also with some bold, chocolaty notes, which pair well with quiet mornings and/or using humor as a coping mechanism.”

So enjoy!


Roast Level: Dark like humor.

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2 reviews for Dark Humor

  1. Don Sharaf

    Dark and smooth!

  2. Davis Benson

    Truly one of the best roasts I’ve ever had. Very dark and incredibly smooth. Hope BCRC will bring it back soon!

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